Jörg Meyer-Stamer -- Publications

Value chain development

Integrating Developing Country SMEs into Global Value Chains. Study prepared for UNCTAD, June 2007 (PDF, 670KB)

(with Frank Wältring:) Linking Value Chain Analysis and the "Making Markets Work for the Poor" Concept. Study prepared for GTZ, Final Version 2007.

Operationalising Value Chain Development in the PACA Way. Draft paper, 2004

Regional Value Chain Initiatives: An Opportunity for the Application of the PACA-Approach, mesopartner working paper 6 / 2004

(with Claudio Maggi and Silene Seibel:) Upgrading in the Tile industry of Italy, Spain and Brazil: Insights from Cluster and Value Chain Analysis. Published in Hubert Schmitz (ed.), Local Enterprises in the Global Economy: Issues of Governance and Upgrading (PDF, 191 KB)

(with Silene Seibel:) Cluster, Value Chain and the Rise and Decline of Collective Action: The Case of the Tile Industry in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Draft paper (PDF, 66 KB)

(with Claudio Maggi and Silene Seibel:) Improving upon Nature. Creating Competitive Advantage in Ceramic Tile Clusters in Italy, Spain, and Brazil. INEF Report No. 54 (PDF-File, 956 KB). (Also available in Portuguese, PDF-file, 1,45 MB!)

(with Dirk Messner:) Governance and Networks. Tools to Study the Dynamics of Clusters and Global Value Chains. Paper prepared for the IDS/INEF Project "The Impact of Global and Local Governance on Industrial Upgrading", 2000 (PDF)

Clustering, Systemic Competitiveness and Commodity Chains: How Firms, Business Associations and Government in Santa Catarina / Brazil Respond to Globalization. Paper Prepared for International Workshop "Global Production and Local Jobs: New Perspectives on Enterprise Networks, Employment and Local Development Policy", International Institute for Labour Studies, Geneva, 09-10 March 1998 (PDF-File, 670 kb)