Jörg Meyer-Stamer -- Publications

Development co-operation

Beyond BSE and the Mad Meso Disease in Business Development Services. In: Brainstorm (also available in Spanish).

(with Rainer Müller-Glodde:) Ammerland-Papier: KMU-Förderung in Brasilien - Food for Thought. Santa Catarina, März 1998 (PDF-file, 142 kb)

Globalisierung, Standortkonkurrenz und Entwicklungspolitik. In: Internationale Politik und Gesellschaft, Nr. 4 / 1997

(with W. Hillebrand and D. Messner): Strengthening Technological Capability in Developing Countries - Lessons from German Technical Cooperation. German Development Institute, Berlin 1994 (200 Kb). (There is also a Spanish version and a German version.