Jörg Meyer-Stamer -- Publications

Clustering and cluster promotion

Good practices in the promotion of business linkages from an operational perspective: evidence from the field. Paper prepared for UNCTAD, 2006 (PDF, 212 KB)

(with Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke): How to Promote Clusters. mesopartner Working Paper 8 - 2005 (PDF, 930 KB) (versión en español)

Sozialkapital und die Kooperation unter lokalen Unternehmen. Erfahrung aus industriellen Clustern in Brasilien. In: Peripherie, No. 99 / 2005, pp. 324-40. (PDF, 76 KB)

Obstacles to cooperation in clusters, and how to overcome them. Developing Alternatives, Vol. 9, 2003, No. 1 (PDF, 200 kb)

(with Silene Seibel:) Cluster, Value Chain and the Rise and Decline of Collective Action: The Case of the Tile Industry in Santa Catarina, Brazil. Draft paper (PDF, 66 KB)

(with Grant McKenzie and Wulf Noll:) Cluster Development in NRW and Scotland. (PDF, 184 KB).

Clustering and the Creation of an Innovation-Oriented Environment for Industrial Competitiveness: Beware of Overly Optimistic Expectations. Revised Draft Paper (PDF)

(with Claudio Maggi and Silene Seibel:) Improving upon Nature. Creating Competitive Advantage in Ceramic Tile Clusters in Italy, Spain, and Brazil. INEF Report No. 54 (PDF-File, 956 KB)

Strategien und Instrumente lokaler Wirtschafts- und Beschäftigungsförderung zur Schaffung von Einkommen und Beschäftigung für arme Bevölkerungsgruppen: Land und Stadt, Cluster und Sozialkapital. Eschborn: GTZ (PDF-file, 208 kb)

Michael E. Porter - Das Cluster-Konzept: Wettbewerbsvorteile muss man sich schaffen. Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit, Nr. 2.

Clusterförderung als Element lokaler und regionaler Standortpolitik: Optionen, Hindernisse und Grenzen - Perspektiven für NRW. Entwurf eines INEF-Reports. (PDF-Download)

Estratégias de desenvolvimento local e regional: Clusters, política de localização e competitividade sistêmica. ILDES / Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, São Paulo (PDF-file).

Algumas Observações sobre Clusters em Santa Catarina, Atualidade Econômica (UFSC, Departamento de Ciências Econômicas), Vol. 12, 2000, No. 37, pp. 5-9

(with Tilman Altenburg:) How to Promote Clusters: Policy Experiences from Latin America. World Development, Vol. 27, No. 9, pp. 1693-1713 (PDF-File,166 kb)

Strategien lokaler/regionaler Entwicklung: Cluster, Standortpolitik und systemische Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, in: Nord-Süd aktuell, 3/1999 (PDF-file, 120 kb)

(with Peter Knorringa:) New Dimensions in Local Enterprise Co-operation and Development: From Clusters to Industrial Districts. Contribution to ATAS Bulletin XI, "New approaches to science and technology co-operation and capacity building", published by UNCTAD, Geneva (PDF-file, 290 kb)

Path dependence in regional development: persistence and change in three industrial clusters in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In: World Development, Vol. 26, 1998, No. 8, pp. 1495-1511 (PDF-file, 1.4 mb)

Clustering, Systemic Competitiveness and Commodity Chains: How Firms, Business Associations and Government in Santa Catarina / Brazil Respond to Globalization. Paper Prepared for International Workshop "Global Production and Local Jobs: New Perspectives on Enterprise Networks, Employment and Local Development Policy", International Institute for Labour Studies, Geneva, 09-10 March 1998 (PDF-File, 670 kb)

Avoiding Collective Efficiency. Growth and Crisis in the Furniture Cluster in São Bento do Sul (Santa Catarina, Brazil). Mimeo